Our Story

Our Story

Everybody asks us, “Is Molinos your last name?” A very simple question with lots of history behind it.
When I opened our little place in Springerville, over thirty years ago, my husband Eddie and I were sitting around thinking, “What should we call our little place?” On display we had two old chile grinders; one belonging to Eddie’s Great Grandmother and the other given to me by my Grandmother.

The “Molinos” (grinders) were used by all the family at Eddie’s ranch in St. Johns and my family’s ranch in New Mexico. From there ,came the recipes that I have turned into “Los Dos Molinos.” When we saw the Molinos we could not think of a more appropriate name than “Los Dos Molinos.” So there it is, “The Two Grinders.”

When you read our menu and see the word “chile” keep in mind we use New Mexico Chiles, which means “Hot” with the best flavor this side of the Rio Grande. If you know “Hot,” put us to the test; if you don’t, we suggest you try one of our other wonderful dishes that don’t have any “Heat.” I am sorry we do not provide mild sauce. I do not know how to make “Mild.”

Keep in mind we do not have a line of cooks in our kitchen. Each dish is prepared by myself or my daughters, with only one helper. There is no assembly line here!

So relax and enjoy the flavors of New Mexico and my recipes made especially for you.