Top 5 Benefits of Spicy Food

New Mexican restaurants like Los Dos Molinos are more popular to serve hot and spicy food. Dallas Mavericks Many people like to eat spicy food even if it can be a pain to eat. asics tiger pas cher There’s a certain mystery and thrill to eating something that will make your whole mouth burn. It will make you run and dash for a glass of cold water but despite the odd pain, there is certain pleasure. negozio asics italia More people love spicy food for its flavor but did you know spices provide a number of health benefits? Spicy food ingredients are said to help treat a common cold or its symptoms even before it comes. Spices also contain antioxidants that fight canver and may prevent the growth of cancerous cells. adidas hamburg damskie Here are the Top 5 Benefits of Spicy Food: 1. NUTRITION Most spices and chiles are packed with so much nutrition. stan smith adidas dames Some of the vitamins and minerals you need daily can be found on your spicy food. Red and green peppers (chiles) have different minerals and have high levels of Vitamin C according to the USDA National Nutrient Database. 2. WEIGHT LOSS Food is more palatable with an extra kick of chile or hot sauce. Spicy food can also kick start your metabolism that helps in your weight loss plan. Chiles are known to have what they call capsaicin, a compound that provides a ‘thermogenic effect’ that can burn more calories. 3. HEALTHY HEART Cultures that include spicy food in their diet have lower incidents of stroke and heart attack according to studies.

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  • This could be because chile or peppers are known to lower bad cholesterol or LDL. The capsaisin found in green and hatch chile may fight inflammation. scarpe adidas bambino shop online 4. CANCER PREVENTION Spicy foods contain antioxidants that may help prevent cancer. The capsaicin may kill some leukemic and cancer cells. Air Jordan 12 Retro Another great example is turmeric, which also known to slow the growth of tumors and spread of cancer. Cliff Pennington Baseball Jersey 5. LOWER BLOOD PRESSURE Spicy food is good for the heart as it can lower blood pressure. Vitamins C and A found in spices can strengthen heart muscle walls. The heat given off by pepper can also increase blood flow, resulting to a healthier cardiovascular system. Craving for some spicy food yet? Head on to Los Dos Molinos now and try our hot and spicy specialties.

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