Tips on Planning a Thanksgiving Party

Tips on Planning a Thanksgiving Party

Thanksgiving is just around the corner and I’m pretty sure you’re getting busy planning or at least trying to think of what to prepare for Thanksgiving dinner. Some of you may be thinking already of who to invite and how to spruce up your home for the big weekend.

For a lot of people, this holiday is highly anticipated because it’s a very special occasion. It’s a time for family to come together and just be thankful of one another.

If you’re hosting a Thanksgiving dinner, it is best that you prepare ahead of time so you won’t be stressed. Here are some tips for a stress-free Thanksgiving dinner:

Prepare your guest list in advance
List the people you want present in your Thanksgiving dinner. Invite them at least a month before so they can make the necessary plans and arrangements. Finalize your guest so you won’t forget anyone. Make that phone call, send an e-mail, or invite the person through social media. Once you have a figure of how many guests are coming, you can now….

Start planning the menu
The menu you will be preparing should depend on the number of your guests, as well as, their food preferences. You need to ask if your friends are vegan or allergic to some food. Ask about your guests’ dietary preferences so there won’t be any problem come Thanksgiving Day and that everyone is happy with their meal. 

Order ahead of time
If you have no time and energy to cook, you can always order from restaurants like Los Dos Molinos. During Thanksgiving season, most restaurants are busy and are receiving a lot of orders for catering or are accepting reservations. Book ahead of time so you can be accommodated.

Buy a turkey
Order a turkey weeks before so you are sure to have at least one to cook and put in the oven. This specialty bird is in demand and can sell out pretty fast. Order ahead and be prepared.

Buy drinks
Now that you’ve planned the menu and ordered a turkey, don’t forget to shop for drinks: soda, liquor, wine, etc. Buy the stuff you need early so you won’t be stressed on Thanksgiving Day. Choose one signature drink or set up a bar yourself. Make sure you have enough for everybody. 

Prepare dessert
Your menu should include desserts as well. You can make batches of pie, freeze them, and just make pie before Thanksgiving Day. It’s easier to thaw than make a fresh batch.

Decorate your place
To complete the look and feel of Thanksgiving, decide on a décor. It doesn’t have to be grand. Just a nice centerpiece will do. Buy flowers to display on the foyer or by the door to greet your guests.

Prepare party supplies
Buy paper plates, plastic utensils, and disposable table napkins weeks before Thanksgiving. You can also bring out your special plates and other kitchen stuff you will be using.

Thanksgiving is one special occasion you don’t want to miss. It’s an important event that everyone chooses to celebrate. If you want a hassle-free Thanksgiving Dinner, you can have it at Los Dos Molinos or avail of our catering services. Contact us for more information.

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