10 Things New Mexican Foodies Would Know

10 Things New Mexican Foodies Would Know

Any New Mexican food fan or someone who knows one would agree that most of the things Huffington Post shared in an article “25 Food Things Only A New Mexican Would Understand” are true. You can say “It’s a New Mexican thing” whenever you see or smell red or green chiles. If you’re a fan of spicy food, you’d know that New Mexican cuisine is one of the best in the world. 

People who are not fans of hot and spicy will have a hard time understanding those who like their food with chiles. We all know that New Mexican cuisine is defined by the dominance of hot spicy chiles in red and green varieties. It’s not entirely Mexican but more American --- a combination of North American cuisine and Southwestern American with a dash of Mexican. The cuisine actually shows the rich culture of continental US and gives us a new take on Mexican favorites.

So do you like New Mexican? Or are you a New Mexican? Here are a few things you will probably agree with and understand according to HuffPost:

1.) Mexican is not New Mexican is not Tex Mex
New Mexican cuisine is special on its own. It’s a little between Tex Mex and traditional Mexican fod. 

2.) Chili and chile? You know the difference.
Chile is the vegetable. Actually, it’s a fruit. Chili is a kind of meal, stew with beans and meat. You cannot make chili into chile but you can turn chile into chili. 

3. ) You can eat sopapillas for any meal.
Sopapillas are not just for breakfast. You can eat them anytime of the day. Add some eggs, you can eat as breakfast. Add honey, they’re dessert. Add some meat and chile, they can be eaten for lunch or dinner.

4. ) Red or green chile?
Green or red? Red or green? It’s up to you. Better yet, make it red and green.

5.) Smell of roasting chile will remind you of August and September
Late August or early September is usually the schedule of Hatch Chile Festival. Thousands of people go to Hatch Valley, Mexico to celebrate that most popular crop in town: Hatch Chile. 

6.) Eating a tortilla with anything is possible.
You can eat tortilla with anything whether melted cheese, burger, peanut butter & jelly, and more.

7. ) You can eat Carne adovada for breakfast.
Eat it for breakfast or for lunch or for dinner. Eat Carne adovada anytime of the day! 

8.) Enchiladas can be breakfast too.
Just add fried egg on enchiladas to make them breakfast. Yum! 

9.) New Mexican tacos are available in different combinations
Check out Los Dos Molinos’ menu and choose from our numerous taco combos.

10.) Green chile is actually hotter than red chile.
Yep. Green chile is twice as hot as the red chile.

Craving for spicy food now? Head on to Los Dos Molinos and try our house specialties filled with red and green chiles.




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