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Los Dos Molinos considered a Restaurant Gem by AZCentral

AZCentral.com has this “Restaurant Gems” section which features some of the finest restaurants in the valley. Most of the dining places features vary from mom-and-pop shops to kitches run by popular chefs.

Every week, the website profiles one restaurant and we’re proud to be featured.

The author described Los Dos Molinos as a fiery New Mexico-style Mexican restaurant that offers a menu for those who love Hatch chile. Our food “is not for the faint of heart” according to Republic Restaurant Critic Howard Seftel. Chiles from the Hatch Valley are our main ingredient and the foundation of our flavorful specialty dishes.

“Not for the faint of lips” too. That’s what the restaurant critic also said about Los Dos Molinos.

Victoria Chavez, the original chef and founder wrote on the menu:

"I'm sorry we do not provide a mild sauce, I do not know how to make 'Mild.'"

No. We don’t really know how to make our food mild or less spicy. It’s actually dangerous. Fiery hot.

Specially mentioned were our Adovada Ribs—marinated in chile with rice and beans. It’s definitely a Los Dos Molinos signature.

For dessert, the sopapillas is another crowd favorite. Taste “pillows of fried dough served with honey or sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar” as described by the foodie author.

Los Dos Molinos was also described as festive and an energetic spot offering the best margaritas in town.

Here’s our very own restaurant manager Dominique de la Paz being interview by AZCentral.com:

[Photo: John Samora/The Republic via Source ]

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