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12 Tips on How to Plan a Christmas Party

12 Tips on How to Plan a Christmas Party Planning a Christmas party can be challenging and exciting at the same time. Whether you are planning for an office, school, or family Christmas party, you can make this time a joyful activity not just for you but for everyone. No need to stress about the highly anticipated holiday party because there are practical ways and tips you can follow. Here are some tips on planning a Christmas Party:

  1. Set the date Any party or event must be scheduled beforehand. adidas gazelle soldes mu legend zen You may survey or ask among your guests their preferred date for the party. Of course, you’re the host so it’s up to you when you’ll have the event but it would be nice if a lot of people are available on the set date. Once you’ve decided on a date and time. legend zen for sale You may send out a “Save the Date” note to your guests as an early reminder. nike air max 90 homme December is a very busy month for everyone, what with parties left and right, some people may forget what’s on their calendar.
  2. Set a budget Now that you’ve decided on the date. You need to know how many people will be coming. How many did you invite? How many RSVP’d already? Knowing how many guests will give you an idea of how much budget you should be setting aside.
  3. Make a guestlist Who are you inviting this year? List down the names of each and everyone so you won’t forget.
  4. Identify type of party A Christmas party is a year-end gathering of family, friends, colleagues, and classmates. It’s the best time for a reunion or annual gathering. You need to idetify what type of party this will be. Corporate, formal, casual, or a plain Christmas party?
  5. Decide on a theme So you’ve identified the type of party, next thing to choose is the theme. Party themes make the occasion more exciting. People look forward to decorating the venue, shop for themed party supplies, and even their costumes or dress code.
  6. Source the venue Start looking for the venue of your party. You can have a Christmas party at home, office, or school but you can also choose to hold the party at restaurants like Los Dos Molinos where you don’t have to worry about the decors, supplies, and even the food. All you need to do is place a reservation and choose from the menu. Just focus on the program and everything else. asics gel lyte iii Leave the venue and food preparation to Los Dos Molinos.
  7. Plan the menu If you are having the Christmas party at home, you will have to prepare the menu. Do it as soon as possible so you won’t cram. You can cook the meals yourself. It can also be a potluck party where guests can bring their share of food. If you don’t want to be stressed, you can food delivery from restaurants or hire a caterer.
  8. Order drinks You may prepare the drinks on your own or you can place an order. You may also avail of professional bartenders to serve guests during the party.
  9. Choose the music Any party would be dead if there is no music playing in the background. Prepare your music playlist on your media player or iPod. You can even gather your friends to form a band. Of course, you can also hire a band, musician, or even a DJ.
  10. Book entertainment Aside from music, you should also think about the entertainment. adidas pas cher You can set up games, simple activities, or hire professional entertainers for your guests. Make sure that guests are entertained during your party.
  11. Prepare the decors Think about decorations for the venue to complete the Christmas party experience. You may have Christmas lights, put up Christmas threes, and more.

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